| Organic | Plant-Based | Sustainably-Minded | Utilizing Many Pacific NW Ingredients


Raindance Organics is an innovative, 21st century take on traditional herbalist remedies.The two owners have both studied herbalism with the Herbal Academy and have worked in the industry for several years. The company is passionate about herbs and plants, and their amazing potential to benefit everyday life in so many ways! Herbal concoctions have benefited us personally for years, and we couldn't be more excited to share our formulations! We believe in the importance of using organic and local ingredients to craft clean and beneficial products that can be used every day. 

We are committed to operating with integrity and high ethical standards. Doing business this way is the only way for us. It is what we believe is responsible and right, and it makes for a terrific end product. When you buy anything from Raindance Organics, you can be sure that your best interests, and the planet’s, have been thought of at every step of the way. For instance, our glass bottles and compostable cardboard eco-tubes are simply the best option for retaining product purity and being friendly to the environment. We look for the highest quality organic herbs and oils, and source from Oregon, the Northwest, and the West Coast when possible. As a company we believe in finding the herbs best suited for human consumption; the herbs with amazing benefits and minimal precautions. This means we need to bring in certain irreplaceable herbs from around the world. When doing so, we insist on organic, fair trade sources. We love introducing people to wonderful herbs that have been used for millennia in traditions such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine; herbs like Ashwagandha and Gotu Kola. We ensure that each individual product that is sold is made with love and respect. We take pride in having sustainability and honesty at the core of all that we do.