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Herbal Relief for Aches & Pain

Joint and muscle cream infused with arnica, st. john's wort, cramp bark, lemon balm, and calendula

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Roll-On Collection

Convenient to apply roll-ons containing organic essential oils and herbal-infused carrier oils

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Hand and Body

Provides moisture and delivers nutrients deep into the skin. A great general, all around moisturizing cream. Contains sunflower oil infused with chamomile and calendula for their skin healing and softening properties

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Soothe & Restore

a skin cream infused with 7 different skin-loving herbs. Plus, shea butter, red raspberry seed oil, and pomegranate oil. great for a variety of skin issues

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Plant-Based, 100% vegan, pesticide free, largely certified organic ingredients, many from the PNW

Personal care products handmade in the PNW with the cleanest ingredients available.

  • Made from scratch!

    Everything is made by hand! We craft our products at our facility in Clackamas, OR - just SE of Portland

  • Thoughtfully!

    Made by a trained herbalist who has been making products like this professionally for nearly a decade

  • With the best ingredients!

    Many of our ingredients are sourced from producers and farmers in Oregon, the greater PNW, and West Coast

  • Packaged in glass bottles!

    We use glass or compostable tubes instead of plastic whenever possible