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Handcrafted, Organic , Plant-Based Products

An innovative take on traditional herbal remedies. Always crafted with integrity, respect for the environment and anybody who uses our products. 


"I purchased a small jar of the Cooling Pain Away Cream to try on my husband who has severe Fibromyalgia. I was skeptical, to say the least, as most alternative products we've tried have not worked on him...After using it on his lower back, he asked me to apply it to his entire back, shoulders, upper arms and legs. He said it went from just being lotion to penetrating and lessening the pain! Today, his left shoulder was hurting. I used the lotion and again it gave him relief! We are really excited about your products!" 


"I just want to let you know how very wonderful your Face Cream & Hand and Body Cream are.  My skin looks 5 years younger in only a couple of weeks.  Thank you for your wonderful products and I look forward to trying all of them."


"I absolutely love these products!...most of all I LOVE the geranium face cream! The smell is perfect and so is the texture, very luxurious and wonderful! Thank you!"


"My favorite products! Use daily and has made such a difference!"


"...this cream ROCKS! It takes such a small amount to make a huge improvement. Since it has many different oils, it is best (and you'll gain the most out of the eye cream) to use at night. I'm 60 years old and getting younger! Thanks Raindance Organics."


"I tested the Headache Roll-On at the airport before we left to Hawaii. I couldn't move my neck... After I used it I didn't notice my neck again.  Had I known how good it was I certainly would have bought it there...Truly I think your products are amazing and I don't say that too often about stuff"


"I've been using their eye cream for about a week now and did not want to leave a review until more time had passed, but I just have to say that I LOVE this cream. I have really sensitive eyes and most eye creams (especially anti-aging ones) burn/cause redness/make my eyes water but this cream is so gentle that I haven't experienced any adverse reactions whatsoever! It also has a mild but very pleasing floral scent."


Love the product, amazingly powerful stuff...My tennis elbow and sore joints are pretty much non existent now


Skincare & Bodycare, including Pain Relief

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